Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tell Me If You're Alright

Everything is alright.....lalalalaaaaa Sorry, had a bit too much of Motion City Soundtrack.

I've been listening to them a lot lately. OMG the TV is on right now, and the show Maury is on. I don't know if anyone outside of the US (or Texas) has even heard of it, but it's a very funny show consisting of paternity and lie detector tests.

Very funny, and a totally interesting show. I wonder if the UK has their own version of ghetto baby mama shows....

Haha anyways, to make up for yesterday's uber shortness I'm going to ramble on about the inner goings on inside my mind.
PSYCH! Not really, I wouldn't bore you of the weird perverse thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis..... for now.

Ah, but today I'm headin over to Grandma and Papa's house to look through their fishing stuff. FUN! I love fishing. I just wish it wasn't on a Wednesday. Oh well.

Today's picture features a young and totally spicy Jeff Hardy. He's an awesome wrestler... too bad he's suspended for drugs.. :P

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