Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm sorry that sometimes I'm mean

Ah, ok. So I just got back from the library where I was volunteering for the afternoon. It was.... interesting.

Ms. Cheney talked about a whole bunch of top secret stuff about what designs and whatnot she wanted to do for Teen Abyss.

I so badly want to blog about them, but for the sake of the YA section I won't. lol Bekka, the poor lamb, was yet again tainted no thanks to me.

Not saying that I'm fully responsible, only an accomplice.

Anyhoodly, we also had the Science TAKs test which was totally kinda easy. They asked the weirdest questions about the environment and crap like that. About 15% of it involved math too. Ah, we all know I failed that part of the test.

Oh well. Whatever. Hey, anyone wanna book Kimya Dawson for me? Please? Pretty please?

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