Friday, December 12, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

I like being happy, and of course, I like sharing my happiness, so this is why I'm blogging about things that make me happy.

Well, the first thing that makes me Happy is the fact that a fellow blogger, the Masked Avenger shares the same birthday as me! How randomly cool is that? Albeit he is a year older than me, that's ok. I still think it's pretty great.

The next thing is that I'm exempt from all of my exams. Yesssss. Total score right there. I guess studying and paying attention in class pays off.... I should do that next semester. Haha, yeah, I basically got by on just studying the night before, and also during lunch time.

Another thing that brings me immense amount of joy is looking at my archive. I know, what's in there that makes me so happy? I tell you. My first post ever. Yes, it's so weird right? Also, I loved my abortion mini series in which I was able to gather different opinions from others. Hehe, I also liked the response post that I did for the abortion issue. Ooh and the clarification thing was fun too!

Has anyone else realized that Christmas is coming up? We haven't gone on our annual light trip yet, but we have been eating tons of chesnuts. We also now have 6 stockings on the wall instead of our usual odd numbered 5 because of this little sucker- Ten years from now, when I blog about my baby brother, I will always use this picture to represent him.

Oh yes, and finding the perfect picture ever on this blog.


  1. Christmas is going to be so odd this year since I will be surrounded by complete strangers, but nonetheless, it should be a grand old time. I am jealous you were voided out of your exams, but if I remember correctly, that was often the case for me in high school too so I can't be too angry, hard work pays off!
    That is such a great picture, made me smile!

  2. Aw, this was a happy post. I love those.

    That baby brother of yours looks like he'd be fun at family reunions. :D

  3. AWWWW!!!! how absolutely precious! i almost want one of my own!.. ok, i'm over it now. he is seriously too cute.