Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Letter to Believers and Non Believers

Dear Believers and Non Believers,

           I thought it was time to formally tell you that I don't really care anymore.  I don't care if you're Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Jewish, Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, or someone who believes in cultural Gods.  I really, honestly don't care.  

Now, I know most of you Christians are screaming CONVERT! CONVERT ALL! JESUS LOVES YOU! YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!

Calm down.  Just because someone is not of your denomination, or religion does not mean they're going to hell.  In fact, those people might not even believe in hell.

I was raised in a Baptist household, so as you can imagine, I'm pretty tired of people trying to convert me, but I digress.  I don't care.  In fact, I won't pass any judgement on you, as long as you return the favour.

I'm tired of people trying to convince each other that their religion is right.  Heck, I've even seen Atheists trying to 'convert' Christians.

Please people, I know this is all I btch nag about, but this is something that really bugs the crap out of me.  Religion, is supposed to be a way to get closer to God, gods, a higher power, so why are you all trying to use your religion to condemn others?

If you don't have a religion, then you live life the way you choose, but it's just absurd to persecute others because they're not like you.  

You can always suggest that your solution is better, but you simply cannot condemn someone because of their own personal beliefs.  

As for those of you that are reading this, and are a bit like me (tired of the fighting) --- I commend you.  

Even if this is a cliche phrase, sometimes it's best to agree to disagree.


  1. Ugh, I feel the same way. My mom's always like "we're going to church so you can be saved!" It's so stupid. I'm not going to hell because I said I hate church. Thou shant lie, remember? And I'm not gonna lie and say I like all that nonsense. Just a distraction. It's so dumb. I go to bible study, because I AM christian, but just because I don't go around trying to convert my friends to the "right lfiestyle" doesn't mean I hate God, geez.

    I sowwy D: Baptist are the worst LOL

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. i understand the frustration. but then again, all the conviction of being of a religion is that one's own is the "correct" one. this is really bad for the more conservative ones, like my own! i'm working on trying to convert for this reason. religion transcends all notions of practicality, so its easy for persons to be annoying to each other. we will all be disagreeing with each other for a long time. i don't try to preach and "convert" folks though, and it really irks me when someone else tries do to do so with me. but what can you do?

  4. I agree completely with you on this one. I try to get converted a lot being an atheist (oh and I totally know someone who tried to convert others to atheism, it drives me nuts!) and as a result I am now way more prejudiced than I should be. Now whenever someone tells me they are really religious, I automatically think that I should just avoid them and save myself the lecture. However, I am definitely trying to not be so judgmental, some of my very good friends are really religious, they just chose not to spread their religion to all the corners of the Earth. Anyways, that was just my long winded explanation that I agree with you in that people should not try to cram their beliefs down other people's throats, because there is definitely a difference between discussing and sharing beliefs and the former.

  5. lol every time I say or do something (like even buyin a book on norse mythology) that might even suggest I will "convert" to somthing other then (lol im not really sure what religion we are) my mom freaks and starts pushing god and the bible on me. Why cant people just let people be? Another come only Christian holidays are giving breaks in schools....?

  6. You posted this after you commented on my entry, didn't you? -.-'