Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gifts 2008

Does anyone really care to read this? Yes? No?  Looking for a Christmas greeting from me? Try the post below.

Anyways, this is going to be done inventory style, in order of the Christmases that I have attended.

1st Christmas:

-Leg Lamp
-Fleece Blanket
-Portfolio (small)
-Colorful Socks
-Paints (acrylic, temper)
-Ox Hair Brushes
-Hair Accessories

2nd Christmas:
-Barnes and Noble Gift card
-Walmart Giftcards

3rd Christmas:
(Okay, for this, I got everything I asked for, and by asked, I made a list for my parents so they could buy me stuff that I would actually use. My parents are too cool.)

-Prismacolor pencils
-Prismacolor Markers
-Dispatches From the Edge by Anderson Cooper
-CD Orracular Spectacular by MGMT
-CD OhNo by OK GO
-Beadle the Bard by JK Rowling (I gave my second copy to Kenneth for Christmas)
-New PJ's and socks (lol I get these every year!)
-Hair Stuff
-Skull Beanie
-Tons of Erasers
-Money for Clothes

And I still have one more Christmas left. However, I doubt I'll get much there, but hey, I'm content with all my gifts. Hope everyone had a bountiful Christmas!


  1. thanks! mine was indeed bountiful, just in a different fashion. those acrylic paints sound fun! what are you going to do with them? can you decorate wine glasses with them--not that i was intending to do so, or anything--?

  2. Whoa, a lotta stuff! And flippin' awesome too! :D SO, when you paint the next masterpiece, we'll be here to see it first, right? lol

  3. Oh wow, sounds great! And you got the leg lamp! Awesomeness.... =D