Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Economical Christmas

The Economy is falling.

As we sip our coco and cuddle up with fleece blankets around the fire, our economy is also burning.  Parents smile for an instant as their children unwrap the few gifts they could afford, and in the back of their minds they wonder if next Christmas they'll be as lucky because the major corporation Daddy worked for just tanked.

People young, old, middle class, and poor are feeling the pain of industries failing, and the government not being able to do anything about it.  You need a job?  You can't have one.  All the big businesses are falling down from their high tower, leaving jobs for only those who are in the high up positions.  They fired all the labor workers, and now those good folks are looking for jobs.

They try to find some nice Ma and Pa places, some small businesses that need an extra hand, but because the government didn't give those family businesses a bit of the Bailout they can't afford to hire anyone.

Money is tight, no one is buying because they don't have the luxury to buy what they want and they can't afford what they actually need.  This makes the Ma and Pa businesses call it an end before their ship of hope sinks, and in the end leaves even more people jobless.

Where the hell did all of the U.S.'s money go?  Where is this so called 'powerhouse' of a country?  All I see is some obese spoiled child that doesn't know how to handle money, or take care of it's belongings.

How are we supposed to fix this situation?  How should I know, I'm just a kid, but I guess I should start figuring it out because sooner or later it's me and the rest of my generation that's going to have to clean up the big pile of crap that our elders have left us with.

We already have to deal with feuding countries, and the fear that we're all going to be harmed by terrorists, and don't even try to mention the environmental situation-- do we even have one? (some say) -- and to top it off we have this economic sht.  How are we supposed to deal with all of this?

Of course the rich could care less, heck, their children won't be hurt.  The poor can't afford to do anything because if they decide to riot and protest instead of working their 3 jobs then the kids will go hungry.  The middle class is becoming the poor, their kids used to be able to go to college and learn, but now they've got 2 jobs also trying to help their parents keep the house that they grew up in.

So this upcoming Christmas, when you're sipping your coco and roasting your chestnuts, be thankful for whatever you have.  Be thankful for your family.  No one can afford to go through this current economic pile of reindeer crap alone.


  1. The economy's becoming really scary... :/

  2. Hmmm... Good point, the world is so materialistic nowadays that the economy is failing =( *sighs* What can we do though?