Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I think of people disrespecting others, I think of people being outright rude.

Implying that a certain phrase like "If Mary had an abortion there would be no Jesus" is nothing but BS and sorta makes you look like a dumb@ss when you say it is not disrespect.  It's just saying that I think that people who say it need to read their bible.

Now on the other hand if you were my boss, or elder, and I called you outright a dumb@ss, that is disrespect.

However, I guess if your were one of those types of people who are touchy about your faith, I would see where you could find a phrase like that offensive, or disrespectful. So please, stop spamming my email, I apologize for being hypocritical in your eyes.


  1. Unfortunately people love to spam others, especially in a situation like this. I've been spammed, it goes away after a while.

  2. Oh god you can't express any opinions without getting negativity for it. Oh well I guess that's they way of life right? Some good. some bad.