Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Once, I'm Happy About Exams


Because I'm pretty sure I'm exempt from all of them except for Algebra, and I'm ok with that.  

Today I found out the 12 kids in my English teacher's pre AP course plagiarized on an analytical essay.  Let me repeat that, 12 KIDS PLAGIARIZED.

That's more than 10 percent of the kids!  This is outrageous! We are AP students, who in that class would need to cheat in order to feel like they could pass?!   And what was even more shocking was that the kids that I thought were 'smart' were the ones that cheated.

Guess I was wrong.  I know I've gotten 'help' from my friends before when it came to school work, but I've never plagiarized, and nor will I ever.

Also, I recently was informed that the UIL debate topic for 2009 came out.  It's  RESOLVED: Federal government bailouts of major corporations are just.

It's an ok topic, the only problem is you can really write an LD case for it, I mean in LD all we do is argue values and ethics, nothing really political.


  1. 12 kids?! Geez... In my school, we're STRICT about plagarism. It's a class three, man. They are epic failz D:<

    Debate sounds hard... you have to research all this stuff >_< time consuming....

  2. cheating and plagiarism are really big no-no crimes in higher education. nope. don't do it.

  3. 12 kids, that's pathetic.
    I wish I were exempt from my exams :/

  4. lol how did they plagarize on an essay? haha they must have been really desperate.