Friday, December 5, 2008


So right now my Algebra grade is bad....

I don't know why, but I just can't grasp the concept of the class. Or anything pertaining to math for that matter. UGH. Why don't I understand math? Why is it every time I look at it my brain shuts down? It's not fair.

I would trade any of my artistic ability if I could just retain whatever I've learned in math.

The thing that scares me though it that it's only gonna get harder from here. Not fun.


In other news, I had fun reading and talking to others about some mystery vigilante newspaper going around the school. I'm not going to type much about it on here, so I'll probably type something up for APL. Which reminds me, I made a new post on APL about child prostitution in Asia.

Eh, there's a debate tourney tomorrow, and of course I'm going, I'm just worried that I won't place.... All I know is that I HAVE to do better than all the other novices. HAVE TO.

Bleh today: Not an optimal day, but it was ok. Definitely not in the hugging mood, but then again, when am I?
Does anyone have any advice for Algebra?


  1. Haha, I'm the same way with Algebra... Hate it. The only way I passed was because my Alg teacher liked me and let me turn in everything I missed on the last day of school xD Maybe you can be friends with your Alg teacher? lol

  2. dont, dont, dont feel badly about your algebra scores! there are different types of intelligence: calculus makes me cringe, but i get pissed off when someone can't explicate a "simple" poem!

  3. Ugh, I hated algebra too. Don't really have any advice, though, I'm honestly surprised I passed. Well at least Geometry is way better (well, I think so.)
    Good luck!

  4. Hm, you know up until this year I kicked math's butt and now I just suck so I've kind of lost confidence in my abilities. Based on the past though, do as many practice problems as possible and write notecards if there is some technique or theorem that you find challenging. Other than that, study groups are amazing, so maybe find someone who is doing well and can help. Hope this advice is somewhat useful.

  5. I had one of the worst Algebra teachers ever -- he wouldn't explain to us how to do the problem, only give us an example and we'd have to figure out what he did. It was very annoying. I still did manage to get an A for the year though. Geometry was super easy, I agree with Sondra there -- just a lot of memorization.

    Anyways, I'd suggest asking friends/classmates to help you with problems, and if you're really having difficulty, see if you can stay after school with the teacher to get one-on-one help -- that always makes things a lot easier for me.

    P.S. It's really important to make sure you remember your algebra for math 3/algebra 2/trig -- It's very easy to forget it during geometry and a pain in the ass to relearn; I'd suggest looking it over every now and then next year.

  6. i had soooo much trouble with algebra! for the longest time i just decided that i was going to fail that class, that there was no way around it. but then i started staying for 20 minutes or so after school, or even going in early, to get help on my homework from the teacher, or she'd help me correct the problems i missed on my tests. now i have a 94 average. so yeah i'd say talk to your teacher. cuz it's really hard to just explain how to do algebra over the internet lol, i hope that helps! =]