Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Resolutions

There are a great many things that need to be accomplished in the upcoming year, and if I would have asked myself two months ago what I really wanted to accomplish, the list would have been completely different.

I'm an evolving person. My mind grows and my opinions become clearer every day. Of course everyone has succumbed to putting down at least one of the Top Ten resolutions, and I probably will list one of those, but I know, for myself Resolutions for the New Year are like promises from my mom: Empty. However, I'm going to do my best to adhere to the list as best as I can.

1. Live Healthier. I've already taken steps towards doing so. I'm not going to go down the vegetarian path until I'm older, but I am eating more fresh foods and staying away from preservatives when I can. Also for the past year I've only had one coke a month, which means I've only had 12 cokes this year. I'm going to try and cut the cokes down to 5 a year. You'd be surprised how great you feel at the end of the day only drinking juice, tea, or water.

2. Place more in Debate. How else am I going to prove to my family that I'm not totally shy and reclusive. If I had anything nice to say around them, maybe I would actually talk around them. Until that day my mouth is sealed. I'd rather have my family think I'm quiet than a total btch. I think Debate is the only way to successfully prove my point.

3. Study. Ok, so I make decent grades, but I know I could do better if I actually studied. It's just sometimes, I just won't. I'll literally sit there for 15 minutes doing nothing just so I won't have to study. It's something to work on.

4. Refresh friends and acquaintances. Lose the ones that are bad, and build on the ones that could be good. I need to get rid of those that are holding me back.

5. Attempt to be more human. As in crying at movies, and being more compassionate. No more being compared to Estella! I am no longer a cyborg, I am a breathing human being with a working conscience.

6. Be less selfish. Instead of thinking about giving, I'm going to actually give. Family before me. Family before friends. Family family family.

7. Look into those 5 colleges I want to go to. Knowing myself, even though I've tried to escape the Liberal Arts stereotype in colleges, I'll probably end up going to one. Big time Universities would be nice though.

8. Continue to stay unnattached. It's worked great so far, so why stop? I don't need a relationship to do anything. Not to mention my 30 attention span when it comes to things like this. Not only is it good for me, but the other party.

9. Sleep Less. Dude. I sleep way to much. I need to wake up and live a little.

10. Be Kinder. Not only to just my family, but people in general. I have random tendencies to be harsh and rude to complete strangers, and when on my period, even friends. Now, I can't help the period part, but I can help every other dose of meaness I dish out.

That's it for 2009. Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill everything.


  1. good luck on yur resolutions!
    you and i have alot of similar resolutions.

  2. GL man O: And compassion is for the weak >:3 You won't need it when the zombies invade xD

  3. only five cookies? you're a stronger woman than i am :)