Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That time?

So it's official.  My school is totally inefficient.  They're making me go to school at 8 to check in then releasing me at 8:15 since I don't have any exams.

Can you say retarded? Also, I'm trying to study up on Keynesian Economics (thanks to Jacob) does anyone who has graduated high school remember any of this from Government class or something?  Because I'm at a total loss.  My brain has officially stopped working for the holidays, and will be back after I recieve all my presents.

On the bright side of everything, I get to celebrate my first set of Christmas on the 19th.

Then second Christmas on the 21st, then 3rd on the 25th, then lastly on the 26th.

Thank you Bhudda for such a messed up family.  It's the only way I could possibly accomplish the task of amounting at least 30 presents.  And what's sad is that I'm not even joking.  All of these Christmases are due to family situations.

Anyone else having a messed up Christmas like me?


  1. That is really retarded. You can't have your parents just call in or something?
    As for gov/econ, I pretty much only remember the useless facts from that class so I'm no help.
    As for weird Christmas traditions, not so much for me. 30 presents wow! Lucky :)

  2. Yeah, my school is like that too. Stupid xP I just don't go and bring in an excuse later lol

    Wow, that's a pretty cool/messed up christmas xD Nah, I only have two christmas': One at home in the city and another in the country when I visit my dad's folks in the country :) Corn... we have to pick corn... lol

  3. that's pretty counterproductive if you ask me! your school is being overly official. government class? i'm trying to forget that i ever took one. i can still hear my teacher screaming in my sleep..

  4. haha yeah my family is like that. Ill get 3-4 christmas' this year. Give or take...^^ Its kinda nice, but kinda sucks at the same time ya know? Specially since one or two of them I will have to "play" nice with the people I soooo dont like.

  5. Haha yeah, I can totally relate to having to play nice with people I don't enjoy too much

  6. I have Christmas at my dad's, Christmas at my mom's, and another Christmas when my rich aunt sends stuff back with my dad from him spending real Christmas at her house... then of course Christmas at my grandma's

  7. haha. I wish. My family hates each other so much they decided to move to a different state and/or country. So I only have my one christmas....