Saturday, December 20, 2008

You'll shoot yer eye out kid!

Ok, so my first Christmas set was way better than what I expected.  Usually I just get a bunch of non-useful junk that Melissa makes me throw out during spring cleaning, but this year I actually got non-useful stuff and totally useful stuff.

First off, I got a bunch of small candy, a new fleece blanket with blue camoflage, some art materials like new brush markers, new paint, and new ox hair brushes.  Also, it's never Christmas if you don't get new socks and undergarments.  Yeah.  Kinda weird, but I always get them.

Then of course I got a new portfolio, the only problem is that It's too small.  I can't fit any of my illustration boards in it, but that's ok I guess.  I just have to buy a bigger one.

And my most favourite gift is my leg lamp (which is about 18in tall).  I'm still debating on what to name it.  If any of you have seen the movie A Christmas Story, you'll know where the leg lamp is from.  I'm quite excited about it!  This is by far the best Christmas gift so far.  It'll take something really great to top it, but who knows?  I've got 3 christmas sets left.