Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Hangover

What I wouldn't do for an ice pack right now.

Gosh, all I can find in my freezer is Steak, Wild Hog, and frozen juice and pedialite popsicles.  If a member of PETA ever saw my freezer they would probably think that my family is nothing but a pack of red meat eating savages.

Last night I went to my mother's house and it wasn't so bad.  I got some money, and things that I will probably never use, but overall at least I didn't leave fighting with my mom like I usually do.  I tried talking my mom into donating some money for Debate camp, but she basically shot me down saying that my dad has an endless supply of money coming out of his ass.

Oh well, when I'm successful and 60 minutes comes by to interview me, she will not be one of the people that I thank for being there and supporting me.

UGH. Last night I didn't even get to sleep until 2am, and I woke up at 1:35pm.  My head is pounding like the Dickens.  I hate feeling like this.  My head hurts and everything is fuzzy, but I guess this is what happens when it's the day after Christmas.

To make it a little better I've been reading the Anderson Cooper book that I got for Christmas, and I must say it's quite good.  He's not the type of writer that takes half a book to give a message, he's one that tells you up front: this is what I'm trying to say.

Also, Bill Maher has been helping me feel better also.  He's so funny, and at times very contradicting.  B recently suggested that I have a thing for middle aged guys that are into news and politics, but I simply explained to him that if I could find a guy my age that was funny and into that kind of stuff then I wouldn't have to hang on every word that Bill Maher and Anderson Cooper mutter.

Until that day, I'll probably seem like a total creep that's into middle aged comedians and CNN anchor men.  Really, I'm not.  I just like smart guys.  Really.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to get some shopping done before all the after holiday sales wrap up.  I'm craving new items and I want them on sale!

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  1. i completely understand your admiration of intelligence that coincidentally leads you to older men. mine leads me to old french existentialists [S. Beckett, anyone?] hope your hangover doesn't give you too much trouble. i have a very literal one that IS.