Thursday, April 30, 2009

TAKs and H1N1

So today I had to take the math portion of the Texas Assesment of Knowlege and skills. It was not cool.

So pretend today is Tuesday, and blah blah blah, 100 days from now, what day will it be?

WTF? I don't know, Thursday? That's what I put.

Also, I've decided to not care about this BS H1N1. You can't spell pandemic without panic (in the words of Josh from FB). So true. Unless Anderson Cooper starts wearing a mask I can gaurantee you that you won't catch me wearing one.

Also, I haven't spent a class period in Spanish for about a week. Not because I was skipping, but because we weren't doing anything and I always went to the Debate room to hang with the varsity kids. Don't blame me that I learn more in Debate than I do in Spanish. Reading FML teaches you valuable life lessons.