Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dear Glen from the library:

You suck. From the moment I met you, I didn't like the way you were. I tried my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, but after you exhibited how cruel you could be I decided to just rule you out as a potential acquaintance and mark you down as "douche".

When you made that weird girl who shaved off her eyebrows cry, I thought, "Wow. You're a real douche."

So what if she was weird, it doesn't give you the right to psycho-analyze her with your quasi-skills you learned in a semester course of Psychology. Also, if you stopped sucking your balls for long enough you would have noticed that she had self esteem issues, and came from a very sheltered background. You don't just bluntly dump stereo-types on a girl like her, telling her that her future is going to suck.

And then you come up to us and say: "Uhm, well I think I made this girl cry, but I can't go see her because when I see people cry I tend to laugh, so can one of you guys go and talk to her?"

Glen, it is not because of your race, or sexuality that I despise you--- Though it may be brought up because you happen to be quite ignorant--- It is because of your callous, pompous, and ignorant way of thinking that is masked with eloquent poison.

It sickens me to know that there's a possibility that I'm going to have to work with you this summer.


  1. Ouch. Kids can be insensitive in high school (can?).

    Here's a tip. If you really want him to stop, then look him in the eye, and explain to him calmly that "You're being an insensitive jerk. Nobody appreciates it. Nobody thinks its funny. And nobody respects you for it. Grow the fuck up".

    People in high school are old enough to care about respect and old enough to care what other people think. If you tell him that, I guarantee that he'll re-think his actions.

    But remember to look him in the eye when you say it. It's all in the delivery.

  2. To expand on my previous comment: Kids in high school act out for a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is they do it because nobody tells them to stop. Grown-ups are useless because nobody listens to grown-ups. The only people they'll listen to his people their own age.

    But people their own age rarely have the confidence to speak out (it's harder than it sounds!), and to tell the person very seriously, very deadpan, that they're being an absolute douche and that it's not winning them any respect with their fellow peers.

    I wish I knew this in high school. I didn't really know any 'Glens', and to a certain point, I did make efforts to talk to the more unpopular and unsociable people, but I sometimes wish I did more to back them up.

  3. people are sad. and this guy is an asshole. he knows that he needs to grow the fuck up. more people around him should treat him like the ignorant, immature little ass that he is, and he'll want to grow out of it. don't give him a dramatic response: it's like water to a plant. a simple one will do a lot better. it'll cut deeper than yelling "asshole!" at him, even if this would be more fun to do.