Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post Easter

Easter was OK.  I got loads of candy, and I'm still trying to find, or make up events that I could wear my dress to.  It's too pretty to only wear once.

This weekend, one of my friends who moved away when I was like 10 was asking me questions about being on the Debate team and whatnot, and I was just like, dude:  I haven't talked to you in like a year, and all you want to talk about is extra curriculars?  I answered all her questions though, and while I was talking about being in Debate, I started thinking of my fellow Debate team members.  I wonder how they're doing right now.....?

Hopefully ok, and caught up with all of thier Senior/Graduating junk.  Here's a picture of us back in March for NTDA district.   I just realised how much info I put on my blog.... However, I don't think anyone wants to hunt me down.... or at least I hope not.

ARG..... I have a stuffy nose..... need some meds.

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