Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do It Right

this is the complaint I sent to subway today:

I ordered two sandwiches, and the only things right on the sandwiches were the bread type and cheese. Everything else was horribly wrong. This is not the first time this has ever happened, and frankly I'm a bit miffed. Either the employees are not being trained right, or maybe they're just tired. However, I pay money from my pocket for something I want, and when it's not done right I feel robbed.

I would like a refund on both footlongs, or at least some bit of retribution. It is unjust to hire unfit employees who dish out second rate sandwiches because they just make everyone unhappy and angry.


  1. when i work there, i promise to make you the best sandwich ever.

  2. This is definitely why I refuse to pay for something if it's not what I wanted.