Monday, April 20, 2009


I don't know if I should be more shocked, or appalled at the fact that probably 80 percent of the black kids at my school don't know what Affirmative Action is.  And no, I'm not even going to try to be politically correct by saying African American this time.  I'm sick and tired of being told how politically incorrect the term "black" is.  Buddha. Unless you can relate to Africans, and have at least tried to wrap your mind around all the pain, disease, and war they have been going through for the past century on that continent then you can't be African American.

I know a white boy who has felt more for the African continent than any "black" person I've ever met.  Jacob, you make my head spin.

But I digress.  All these black kids at my school are all like, RACIST this, RACIST that.

My math teacher gave me a 50--- She so racist.


I'm not being prejudice when I say that I'm appalled.  When someone of a 'minority' gets into a prestigious college with mediocre grades and low recommendations, while someone who is not classified under as a minority is looked over, it's not right.

Affirmative Action- when an advantage is given to the disadvantaged due to race, gender and blah blah blah other stuff that no one really looks at or considered.

Yeah, it might have been good "back in the day" when slavery was still fresh in the minds of everyone, and those who enslaved felt guilty and wanted to give opportunity to those who previously had none, but do we really need it now?  Things have entered into the stages of equilibrium and a white person in a trailer park is just as disadvantaged as their black neighbor.  Also, when someone doesn't even understand the concept of Affirmative Action---- do they really deserve a place in higher education?

Maybe I am biased.  Maybe I'm just fed up with all the douchy black kids at my school who are always getting into fights.  Maybe I'm just in shock that I only have like 10 black friends that actually, truly, deserve to go to college due to their drive and ambition.  

Whatever it is, I'm tired of "minorities" looking for a free ride, and blaming everything on their race, gender, etc. when they don't even bother to put in any effort or any hard work.

P.S.  I'm not racist, I promise.  I'm an interracial baby who was raised to not expect anything due to my racial diversity.


  1. This is exactly why I read your blog, you write about topics that are insanely though provoking and you present your opinion very eloquently and your arguments are reasonable.

    I have definitely felt annoyed when I know people who have gotten scholarships because of their race or ethnicity. I know I'm definitely biased, but I just can't get past people who use their history against everyone else or who call each other "niggas" but then declare white people racists when they mention the term inside a classroom. Everytime I see this I have to out so much effort into holding my tongue.

  2. well i will definitely say that if someone doesn't even know what Affirmative Action is, then they probably don't deserve it! sorry for the lousy black folks you're surrounded with. no one needs a free ride--it's so much better to actually EARN things! yay for interracial babies! i might be having one or more some day!