Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm sad for the future. Not for my future (for once) but for that of someone that I've known for for a little over four years.

Today she told me she was pregnant. We're the same age, and she's pregnant.

And people wonder why I like to stay so wrapped up in school and Debate. If I wasn't, then this might've happened to me.

She's already started packing her bags in the anticipation that her parents are going to kick her out once she tells them. I have no idea what to think, but I'm going to be here if she needs help.

I told her she should continue with school, but I know she won't. The thing that's so sad is the fact that she doesn't think about the future, just having a cute and cuddly baby in 8 months.

Also, I'm freaking. She said that only I and about four other people know. Why did she tell me??


  1. That's really sad. :(
    I feel bad for her.

  2. maybe she was subconsciously hoping you'd give her some wise advice. even if she's accepted her pregnancy, she can't be clueless about reality. her mind and her life are a risk of becoming way messy. be the best friend you can be to her!

  3. ooo damn that sucks! didn't she pay attention to the religion teacher? lol. jks. ahem I'll be serious. yeah you should definitely just stick around with her and try to help her out; also, someone needs to slap her with the reality of her future.

  4. It's so sad when this happens!
    She's lucky to have you.