Monday, April 27, 2009

Religion Ruins Another Life

So I have a friend that I've known for quite a while, in fact I've even volunteered with her a couple of times, and I question her sexuality.

In classes I have with her, she's always talking about this one girl and how cool and awesome she is, and occasionally she'll tell other girls that they look cute, or give them other various complements.

Now, I know it's normal to give compliments to people, but they way she does it, it's like she's hitting on them or flirting.  And there have been so many signs, so many.  I'm almost  completely sure she's lesbian.

And I'm fine with that, but I don't think her religion is.  She never talks about being attracted to boys, or men for that matter.....  all she talks about is girls in our grade and how pretty they are....  it's a bit awkward on my end...

But I'm getting off the point.  Her family goes to church quite often, and is quite ardent on the fact that they go by the "Bible rules"  which of course translate into homosexuality being wrong.  However, I've seen the looks she's given to a few girls here and there, and I've heard the ways she talks about them.  It's not something any hetero girl would say about another chick, but would she/will she ever come clean about being a possible lesbian?  Probably not.

I think that's so sad.  No one should deny a part of themselves due to what the old testament said.  I'm afraid to talk to her about it, and I don't want to risk her friendship by her getting offended because she's made her point a few times on how much she thinks homosexuality is wrong--- but she's lying to herself.  I'm almost certain that she is.  Why can't she see past the many religious dogmatisms that have been around for ages?  Why do so many have to deny themselves of something that is so pure, such as love or happiness because someone tells them that what they feel inside of them is wrong?


  1. So yea, I think that whoever this girl is, she's definitely trying to kid herself if she's contradicting herself. Though I don't support homosexuality, I still think that she might as well swing that way if she has the characteristics of one. That's why metrosexual people piss me off.

  2. D: Aww! I was like that for about four years... then I realized how stupid religion was and I decided to be who I was xD But it's really hard to just abandon what you've been taught all your life... If she is, she'll have to come to terms with it eventually. Better sooner than later in my opinion, but it'll get her xD

    Oh, and Celery... Dude... Just because you have to characteristics of someone who's gay doesn't mean you are. Personally, I think if you're metro, you're metro. I personally think it's odd, but you can't be pissed at a guy just because he don't like dudes but acts like he does. Must be a reason for it. Just live it be and let them get through their identity crisis... Gebus!

  3. It's so sad when this happens. people who deny who they truly are just because of the rigidity of our beliefs. Personality I think one's sexual orientation is a genetic trait, just like the color of the eyes, or one's height. You're born with it. this doesn't mean you're sinning if you're attracted to the same sex. The Bible says that we are loved, no prejudices. people are the ones creating these barriers, not God.

  4. I go to a catholic school (which is free and pretty much a norm in canada)and I think the catholic position on homosexuality is it's okay; however, catholics don't believe in gay marriage. Me personally, I am for gay marriage, gay pride etc, I have no problem with homosexuality. Anyways,there are some religious people that are 'fine' with homosexuality so maybe her parents willl be?

    Also, I would think that a closet lesbian as you implied would want to hide what she though of the girls in school and she won't make it too verbal that she thinks the girls are pretty etc. I don't think there's really anything gay about saying girls are pretty and complimenting a lot, maybe she's just a really bright optimistic person.

    If she is a lesbian then well hooray lol I guess.