Saturday, May 2, 2009

I did stuff

Fail at life. I haven't been blogging everyday, but whatever. I've been busy, tired, excited, and sleepy--- aka, too busy to blog every day.

EXCITEMENT. I'm so 133+ because I was one of the few to be selected to go to an AP Biology competition at Stephen F. Austin University at Austin (duh) Texas!! I didn't think I was ever that smart in Biology, but apparently the people who nominated me to go think otherwise. Not only do we get to participate in the competition, we get to take a tour of the SFA Biology department and hold all sorts of creepy weird stuff.

Yes. Best thing ever. We're going to go May 15, which is the day after I volunteer for the elementary field day and UIL banquet afterwords. Life is sweet.

Another thing, I bought these awesome books today, one is called India Bazaar, and basically it's a bunch of old vintage Indian ads. The pictures are so vibrant, and are absolutely lovely. Oh my, best money I have ever spent. Also, I bought a Fortunetelling book of Dreams to help me translate things that I dream about. Also, it's pocket size so I can carry it in my bag.

But now I'm really broke. Boo. I need money.

Oh well. Also, BEKKA. What days are you telling Cheney that you want to work? Because if we request the same day and time she might put us together. Tell me in the comments.


  1. Yo! I told her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1-4 on all of them.
    But I let her know if she needs me to work there any other time, I'm cool with it.
    Btw, it's my last summer there. I'm burnt out and need to start making money. :\

  2. who doesn't need money? if you get some, let me borrow some..

    and that dream book sounds SO cool. my dreams get so intense sometimes that i figure that they HAVE to mean something other than me being horny or hungry..