Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deep question about silicone

Since many women, and a few quasi-women are into the whole silicon craze, what will happen when 100 years from now their graves are dug up and people find a skeleton, and two plastic lumps on their chests.

Or will those plastic pieces still be there?  I know, people should donate their fake boobs once they die to be recycled.  It's not like they're gonna need them.

I have this bracelet that's made of "100% recycled silicone".

Yeah.  This is what I think about sometimes.


  1. you know what I wonder? How many old ladies will there be that will still have their silicone boobs when they're 70. I don't even want to think about how gory a 70-year old siliconated breast looks like.

  2. wow!
    interesting blog post... nice point you've raised!

  3. there are going to be some interesting graves these days--and fake boobs are only one of the reasons why.

    i'm kind of torn with the idea. i don't like that big, gravity-resistant jugs are more "attractive." i don't like that this is associated with the worth of a woman, at all. but some days, i'd like to look like a woman and not a waifish boy with a concave chest and awesome makeup [although i rock it well].

    and while we're considering "enhancements," what's the difference between tits you pay for and makeup? flat irons for coily haired ladies? hair dye? perfume and douches? fingernail polish? razors? push-up bras? with so many ideas of beauty, i get lost. balance is knowing that i'm amazingly good-looking no matter what i do for myself.