Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talking about issues

I like to say no.

I like to go against the grain, and live under the thought that I'm a non-conformist. Pretty much everyone in my grade, and my little sister and her little friends have cell phones, minus me.

It brings me joy to deny people of things. After I utter the word NO laughter usually ensues.

Celery: "Can I see your paper?" No.
Jacob: "Can I have a hug?" No.
Cameron: "Will you buy be a kit kat?" No.

That look that everyone gets when the word No is spoken; Oh my it's such fun to say.

Is this an issue?


  1. Keep fighting the power of the cell phone! My favorite thing of all time...
    Random Person: Can I have your cell number?
    Me: Don't have one.
    Random Person: WHAT?! How do you survive?
    Me: Just fine thanks.

  2. I used to use my cell phone a lot, but then it broke and I realized that I really didn't need it. I have a new one now, but my use of it has drastically decreased.

  3. Whoa, someone doesn't have a cell phone?! I thought I was the only one.... LOL the word NO does have some power :3 I'm a yesman, though... lame-age.