Friday, April 3, 2009

R&R much needed

So my voice is still crap, and after I called in to verbally complain to Subway for screwing up my order my voice sputtered to a stop and didn't work anymore.

However, through much coaxing I'm able to talk a little, but not much.

Also my voice sounds like Kat Dennings except raspier (is that a word?).

Right now I'm going to just load up on meds, down tons of honey and oranges, and watch some old House re-runs in hope that my voice will be better by tomorrow. However, like I told everyone else, I promise nothing.


  1. honey works wonders! good luck!

  2. I've never lost my voice... Whenever I talk too much my voice becomes coarser, which I love because I find it's sexier.
    This reminds me of the episode in Friends when Phoebe has a cold and gets this really deep voice. Then she's so pissed when the cold goes away...