Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Dear Me.

Ok, so other than having to go through the daunting fear of telling my parents that I want to drop out of pre drill, or asking them for the dance gear money--- I've been reading a bit about Sarah Palin.

Now, let me say after all the things I've heard/read I'm seriously scared out of my mind.

DOOCE did a recent post on the Palin issue which was accompanied by a video, and some of the comments left on her blog were very true, and funny about Palin.

After a couple of minutes of researching, I found out that it did take Sarah Palin a while to get her bachelor's degree. Dude, isn't that like the easiest degree to get?

Haha this one just made me wanna pee myself laughing, because deep down, I know it's true. Wait, do they even have GAPs in Alaska?

Ok, if that last one didn't at least make you smile you must be pretty right winged.

btw, for anyone who cares, I think I lost my math book >,<


  1. You should watch the SNL opening with Palin and Clinton if you haven't seen it, it's hilarious.
    I actually don't like Palin for different reasons, the main one, I don't believe what she believes.

  2. a mon avi, palin is just a republican pawn used to "relate" to the undecided women voters just to try and keep them from voting democrat... Those that control her haven't prepared her enough to speak on pertinent issues so she sounds really retarded when a camera is in front of her... I just the republican party in general is grasping for straws trying to save the campaign and they're doing a TERRIBLE job... the avg person is gettin fed up with it, and they're speaking out (i.e. Letterman, Couric, My Boss, the hobo down the street)... It's sad really.

  3. also..I think Palin should be slapped in the face.
    She has NO idea what she is getting herself into.