Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BUSY and I need money.

Holy mother of Bhudda.

It should be an unholy sin to be this busy.  I've got tests like crazy, a Debate meet this weekend, my friends birthday the 29th, and 3 art commissions.

The test I could do without.  I detest studying, and I could also do without the Debate meet.  Even the thought of the event is puke inducing.

I'm making my friend a special b-day present that takes some time to make, but is awesome in the end.  For some odd reason I posses strange but useful paper mache making skills.

And my art commissions are my ONLY source of income.  Just today I've had three people commission me, which means if they go through with it I get $15.

Yes, not much seeing as I'm selling each peice for $5, but it's worth it.  I'm afraid if I go any lower I wouldn't be earning money, but if I go higher no one will buy.   >.<  I hate asking my parents for money.  It's so awkward.  I don't see how some of my friends just beg their parents for money and get it.  For some reason I feel guilty asking them for ANYTHING.  Which includes clothes and school stuff.  

Ever feel guilty for mooching of your parents?

Image Courtesy of Konehita


  1. Yup, I sometimes do but they refuse any refunds. Which is annoying :\

    I'm sorry you've been so busy lately, I hope you get some rest this weekend atleast :)

    Do you know if Hannah is doing anything for her birthday? If not I guess I'll just bring her gift to school on monday.

  2. i have events that i have to go to all of the time and each one of them makes me anxious. sorry that you're o busy--SLOW DOWN! as for mooching from my parents? i don't do that anymore. i'm mooching from the government now [and i have to pay a lot of it back]!

  3. wish i coulda mooched off the folx... but i couldn't... like ms. cherry, i mooch off the feds when I can.. and my beaux!... yea i feel bad about it sometimes.. so when I get fed money, I do stuff for him to ease my conscience

  4. I don't really feel guilty about getting money from the rents at all...that probably makes me a baddish person, but whatever.

  5. Sometimes I feel bad about my parents buying stuff for me, but sometimes I don't. Really, it depends what it is.

    By the way-did you draw that picture? Cause its pretty darn awesome!!!

  6. no, I didn't.

    the photo credit is at the bottom of the post.