Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Easy?

So, right now I should be typing up my affirmative paper for debate, but I'm not.  Instead I'm blogging and RP-ing, which in my opinion is time well spent with a smile on my face.

I don't know why, but lately I've just felt that school has been too easy.  Everyone always says that high school isn't like TV where everyone just coasts through unscathed, but honestly nothing too bad has happened to me yet.  I've just been goofing around with my friends in class, somehow still managing to make an A.  Who knows, it may get harder later on in the year right?  I have pre AP classes so I wonder how easy it would be in a regular class?

Maybe this is a test?  To pick out the procrastinators from the do gooders?  I get all my homework done, but it's usually done the night before, with only hours to spare before my appointed lights out time.  Does it matter if I wait till the last minute to do school stuff?

If it does it hasn't affected me yet.  I wonder when it will?  I'm still waiting for the promised day when all of my bad habits will supposedly bite me in the butt, and according to my parents it hasn't happened yet.  Sometimes I can't help but feel like they can't wait till I fall flat on my face and fail just so they can run around going "I told you so!!"

Lately though, it's been me proving my parents wrong, but I don't go around rubbing their faces in it because frankly, I'd like to keep my Internet access.

So, how has your school year been?  And if you're not in school, were you busy in High School?

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  1. How's my school year been? Well, it's PATETHIC! Because majority of the poeple at my school have no appreciation for books, art, fashion (stuff I'm in to). But I'm happy to see my good ol friends, again.

    You know what would be awesome? To see all my fave blogger aquaintences in person!

  2. I just started today. It was good so far... I know what you mean about the procrastinating. I can already feel my slackerish brain telling me to delay my english homework until study hall immediately before English on Wednesday...

  3. High school felt like that for me. I think part of it may be that even though you think you are slacking or coasting, you are still doing way more than other people, making it seem easier. That was my theory on my high school experience anyways if it made sense. As for my school year, it's crazy intense and insane and my weekends don't exist. Not to mention I actually have to go write a paper right now. Blah.