Friday, September 5, 2008

My Views, Your Views

So I've been wondering about people, and their political views.  I've got my own.  So I was wondering what are yours?

Here are mine--

  1. Pro Choice
  2. Pro Gay Marriage
  3. Anti War
  4. I'm in the "Independent" party, which I guess is another word for Liberal.
  5. Religion is something I think should be kept out of politics, but still in our country.
  6. I think we should worry about our own Economy before we meddle in other countries.
  7. Pro Immigrant Deportation.
  8. Anti Sanctuary city.

So, I'm not saying that my views are right and you're are wrong, I'm just saying that it's what I believe in.

Now I'm wondering what do you believe in? Don't be afraid to go into detail on why.


  1. im extremely liberal AND southern Baptist. it's possible, but difficult. i am a HUGE feminist, so im pro-choice. i want the price of birth control to be lowered. i also have a bunch of quirks when it comes to this [i hate the marketing of domestic supplies largely to women and im glad that Hooters won its case because i used to work there]. i'm pro-Gay marriage for a number of reasons. i'm going to raise my children in a unisex way. religion should be kept out of government [but i personally don't mind/like that "In God We Trust" is still printed on American currency for obvious reasons.

  2. Personally, here's me:
    Pro Choice all the way: Short answer, I believe life begins at birth not conception.
    Pro Gay Marriage: I think the whole man+women icon is complete crap, some people can't help how they feel concerning love and we shouldn't discriminate against them. I am however really sick of people "pretending" they are bi just to get attention.
    Some wars can be avoided, some can't and will happen and even need to happen. As for the Iraq War, it's a mess and I only know tidbits about it, but I do hope we can get out of there soon and stop relying on foreign oil.
    I'm listed as Democrat for the sake that if you want to vote in the primaries here in AZ you have to belong to the party you want to vote for, as for the election, right now I'm weighing the different opponents and it should be interesting who I decide on. Obama scares me, but I'm not too fond of McCaine either so I'm kind of on the fence. As for views, I'm pretty Liberal but have a few Republican views as well, so it's pretty much free thinking. Now as for scorning people on their party or who they vote for, I refuse to put them down, they have the right to vote for who they want and I'm certainly not going to call them names just because of that.
    I'm an Atheist. I have no problem with religion, I just don't believe in it personally. The only time I get annoyed is when religious people discover I don't believe in God and then try to persuade me to go to church and find Christ. Then I start getting nasty.
    As for immigrants, there is a huge difference in immigrants and illegal immigration. Illegal is where I have a huge problem. I know Mexico sucks, but the number of illegal immigrants is just astounding. From Texas I'm sure you understand completely. Also, they refuse to learn the language and they don't pay taxes, but they use our schools and roads, etc and that infuriates me. I think everything should be in English, it's our national language. My ancestors came over here from Germany and Italy and while they kept their culture, they adopted America and the language just like everyone else.
    Yeah, well, that's a pretty big jumble of my random views, but there's a few. :) Thanks for getting me to think and asking for others opinions, a lot of people aren't that open.

  3. i agree with about all of it.
    im too lazy to go into detail. haha
    but what does Anti Sanctuary City mean?

  4. It means I'm against the cities that protect illegal immigrants. They're mainly in the states bordering Mexico

  5. Pro-life
    Pro-Gay Marriage
    Not sure about the rest...

  6. 1. "Pro-choice" is a euphemism. People use euphemisms for things they are embarrassed about.
    2. Marriage, as far as the state is concerned, is a civil institution. If you're against religion in politics, the logical thing would be to support civil unions - for both heterosexuals and homosexuals.
    3. So... you were against the invasion of Afghanistan and rooting out the Taliban? WW2? Or just against the wars that aren't going well?
    4. There is no "Independent party." You can register as "independent", which means you are not in a party.
    5. Religion is about God. If there is a God, then I would assume He cares about things like law, politics, crime and war. How can you keep God out of the things you don't want Him involved in?
    6. We live in a global economy. We can't manage our economy without dealing with other countries. Like the ones with all the oil.
    7. Really? Even the legal ones? In any case, you can't be legally deported without a trial. You want to round up every illegal immigrant in the U.S. and give them all trials?
    8. I'm with you on this one. Cities shouldn't act as if they are above the law.

  7. here are mine with explanations if i found it nessecary,

    1. Pro Life-- you had the choice to have sex, there for you also made the choice to have a baby, ur fault. It's a kid, so if you decide to "terminate" the baby, your killing a living being which is murder.
    2. Anti Gay marriage -- It's unatural and gross, marriage is like a puzzel and in gay marriage the parts don't fit... literally
    3.I don't know how i feel about war, I think it's something that i've just always seen as unavoidable but if it is unavoidable it should be avoided (if that made ay sense)
    4. I'm a proud republican. mainly for the reasons above
    5. Jesus is my savior, I will never be able to repay him enough, he's saved me and he'll save anyone who wants him to. I think that religion no matter what is always going to be present in our politics and in our country weather ppl want it there or not.
    6. i agree we need to straighten up ourselves before we go and play super country and save everyone eles.
    7. If you wanna be here, you gotta pay taxes like the rest of us, and if you wanna be here so badly learn our language.
    8.i have no clue what that is. sry.

    there are mine, and i just want to let you know that i dont think anyone has the perfect opions, they are just that opions and not one is right and not one is wrong. i do belive however that one day we will know the answer to everything.

  8. shut up you stupid repulicans!!!
    or i'll beat you with your own bible!!!