Saturday, September 27, 2008

Public Speaking = Vomit Inducing

So today was my big debate meet-- actually I'm exaggerating there were only ten schools, but it was my first so it was big to me.

I ran through a large range of emotions that I didn't know I could feel today. All of which were brought up through public speaking. I had to do an Extemporaneous speech, and for those of you who don't know what that is, you basically draw a topic, and have 30 minutes to write a speech about the said topic, then you have up to 7 minutes to talk about it.

Now, if you're used to public speaking then I guess it's ok, but if you're like me, and are easily intimidated by older more educated speech/debate judges then you're screwed like I was.

It's not even funny how bad I bombed. The people who organized the event PUT ME AGAINST THE PERSON WHO GOT 8TH IN STATE LAST YEAR.

And it was my very first meet. So of course they wiped the floor with me and I drowned in my own metaphorical blood and vomit. In all of the ten hours I spent at the meet I think I wanted to laugh, cry, crawl in the fetal position, laugh some more, shave my head and have a Brittany moment, and cry.

Ah, well it's just another learning experience right? The only way you can get better is if you fall on your face, because then you have to pick yourself back up and re-apply some make up so no one sees the big bruise you got from the asphalt.


  1. Most people have a fear of speaking in public.

    It's called Glossophobia.

    Here's a site that can help:

  2. Awww...I like the imagery you gave especially the asphalt thing. I guess drama class helped with my public speaking and also speeches (they force elementary school kids to make speeches and perform it here). Why did they make you go against someone 8th in state, totally not fair. I don't know if I could ever be in debate, for one thing I don't think I'm too good at comebacks but on the other hand with added research and knowledge, I could be.

  3. Harsh. Well you're right, it WILL get better.

  4. I remember I had to present something in my science class. I was sweating soooo much, my hair went from super straigth to super duper curly, Thanks to all that humidity.
    I HATE public speaking!

    (But I'm not the only one, yay!)

  5. I hate public speaking, I would have barfed.

  6. I used to do debate meets myself, and I know I bombed my first two times... Luckily, I was a LOT better at Duo Interp and Duet Acting, so it always raised my confidence and lifted my spirits... maybe you could find something or someone to keep you calm and grounded before and after the debates so you won't be so nervous or stressed...