Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Sir With Love

First of all, to explain my post title I LOVE THAT MOVIE. My dad had the VHS of it when I was like 5, and being the curious little bugger that I naturally am, I slipped it in the VCR and watched it....... over and over and OVER until I new most of the characters' names and dialogue.... which probably wasn't too good to know for a five year old.

Of course I had no idea what they were talking about in the movie, but now that I watch it as an older individual I kind of know what they're talking about. Still, a classic movie.

Now on to the things of menial importance.

I joined art club today, and I have awesome people in there, minus one or two of the ho-s in there. But other than that it looks awesome because we might be going to Mid evil Times, and we might have a Halloween costume party--- which is AWESOME.

Btw, Celery I saw the t-shirt design Gonzo did and it looks so sweet! I wish I had one :[ (the pic is the design) 

ANYWAY I was wondering, oh beautiful blog friends and readers-- What clubs are you in/have been in?


  1. i can't join clubs. It's agianst the Official Slacker rule book. No extracurricular, or programs, no after school anything.

  2. Eh, just prop designer in the drama club, but I'm seriously thinking about joining the art club too, but I'm not very good. :/ LOL

  3. I did yearbook for a semester... and I was in NHS, but that's about it. Small schools don't really have many clubs to join. :/ Art club sounds neat though!