Monday, September 15, 2008

We need some joy

Ok, so originally I was going to blog about what fun it was painting faces in art club, and how excited I am about the mock debate tomorrow morning, but I decided that today, the world needed something different.

When I got in the car today, my step mom told me that my dad was in a car accident.  It was nothing serious, but still it's a lot to swallow.

After having been through an almost fatal accident myself, anything involving the words wreck and car freak me out.  Even worse is the fact that someone in the accident I was in died.

Nothing bad really happend with my dad, but he'll probably have to take some trips to the chiropractor and his car is going to be in the shop for a while.  So, seeing as the above was very depressing for me, I have concocted a happy list of everything that brings me joy.  Yes, some of it is slightly demented, but deep down, honestly you know you're laughing a little inside--- just admit it.

The first thing would have to be what goes through most people's mind when someone particularly boring talks.  And yes, this has crossed my mind once or twice.

Second would have to be the best 35 seconds of your life.  It's probably one of my favourite videos.

And if this picture doesn't have some affect on you-- then you're just crazy.

And I know there are a lot of Dooce haters out there, but her one post about mormon hyms always seems to make my day.

Also, as sad as this might appear, I like reading her hatemail.  It just goes to show how many moronic people are out there on the web.

And while some may find this image isulting, I have to say even I as a feminist couldn't help but chuckle.

Hope you liked those little weird tidbits.


  1. that was actually some of the funniest stuff i've seen all day.
    as one who's been forced into going to church her entire life, i must say the article on mormon songs totally cheered me up.
    great collaboration.

  2. Glad that your dad's okay :)

    And all of these things really did brighten my day, hehe, :D