Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Downfall of the Century

The economy in America as of 2008 sucks. I mean, it's sucked before, like in the Great Depression, but this year I think we could probably top it.

Why you ask? Well speaking from personal experience, my parents make pretty good money. In fact, if they made the same amount of money 5 years ago we would probably be considered rich. However since the decline in our economy, we've had to cut down on vacations, movie trips, and other family things, instead we spend our money on gas, gas, more gas, and some baby stuff.

I don't have a small family, in fact I have a Dad, Stepmom, 2 little sisters, and a baby brother. So in all counting me that's 6 people in my immediate family. Now, think. My parents, bhudda bless them, always provide for us, getting us presents for birthdays and Christmas, providing for food that we all like, buying us clothes when we need it, and paying for all the little extra stuff along the way--- and I'm lucky to have such thrifty parents.

Sure, as mentioned above we've had to cut a couple of luxuries, but we're getting by on a cushion.

I can't bare to imagine what it's like for people who didn't have it well off to begin with. Right now, my parents are still trying to find a house, but because of all the foreclosures and the banks jacking up prices it's been kind of hard for them to find anything.

Sometimes I worry about college, and what it'll be like when I get my car. With all the Wall Street crap happening it gets even scarier. Are we truely entering into the next Great Depression? Our culture is fad obsessed, buying the latest phones, and ipods the moment they come out. I don't think I know but a handful of people that have had the same phone for a year....

Kids nowadays are out for the latest games, trashing the old ones once the better versions hit the market.

We as people are always wasting our resources, wanting nothing but the freshest products. For once, instead of whining to your parents about that new $200 phone, why don't you let them have that money so they can use it to gas up their car? Right now America is like an obese spoiled child whom everyone loves to mock.

No wonder though with all the crap we do-- I mean look! One of our biggest banks has crashed, leaving many without jobs, or depending on some other company to come and pick up the pieces.

Are we as consumers to blame? YES.

Are those as producers to blame? YES.

Collectively it's a general fault that is doing nothing but leading us down a guilt ridden path of self destruction.

I can't really say that I'm all to happy about the upcoming election because either way we're screwed. Yeah, I just said it. WE'RE SCREWED. I don't have much faith in McCain, and Obama is slightly scary.

I just hope that by the time I'm able to vote we'll have either fixed our economy, or invented hover cars.

I'm not holding my breath for either.

p.s.  I just registered for a Now Debate This account.  

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  1. It is really scary what's happening, and the Stock Market is starting to freak me out.
    Totally with you on the McCaine and Obama dilemma. I have the right to vote this year, and so far, I have no idea who would be better. Obama with his little utopian plans, or McCaine with his psycho running mate. Aye.