Sunday, September 7, 2008

I AM just a kid.

Ok, so today I went with my grandparents to their church and I was talking to this old person about beliefs.

I don't even know how old they were-- like 80?  Anyways after I told them all sortsa junk that I think is cool, like recycling, and going green they got all on my butt about how I know nothing and that I'm just a kid that needs to grow up and see the truth.

And you know what?  I agree with them.  I am just a kid.  I don't know what it was like to live in the Great Depression.  I screw up, I say stupid crap and I KNOW IT.  

You know what I do when I screw up?  I continue on living out the rest of my life, and try not to repeat my mistakes.

You know what I do when something stupid comes out of my mouth?  I acknowledge the fact that I said something ignorant and MOVE ON.

I'm sorry that I'm a spoiled kid that's growing up in a financially safe family.  I'm sorry for watching TV and expressing my simple minded opinions.  However, I'm not sorry for my underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, or the fact that I'm not old enough to vote.  Obviously the world would go to hell if kids my age in High School were allowed to vote.


  1. First off, your blog layouts are always so awesome and I wish I were that creative.
    Second, kid or not, you at least try to connect with the world, most kids don't even look twice at what's happening. And don't be sorry about how you were raised, most of us are like that, at least you acknowledge it. Also, never be sorry for expressing your opinion, no matter how naive it may be at times. Anyways, I have an inner war going on with old people like that *cough* my grandmother *cough* because even though they've lived through a lot, when it comes to more current issues like conservation and education, they just don't give a rats ass.

  2. she shouldnt think ur just an ignorant kid. considering that all of us smart kids have to solve the energy crisis, cure cancer and aids, make sure old people like her are confortable and "healthy".
    even during the great depression she probably just sat around with her friends, holding hands, and singing Koo-By-Ya.

  3. Your layout is seriously awesome! And I totally get what you're saying. My parents are always yelling at me for doing things wrong, and other times when I complain about their over-parenting they just say they're raising me as best as they can -- I guess that means they aren't doing a great job.