Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes I feel like Stock

When I speak, most of the time I don't filter what I say, which leads to awkwardness and people thinking that I'm VERY weird.

And not the conventional D&D player weird, or the person who just sits there staring at you weird-- but the weird that everyone thinks is kinda funny, but scary at the same time.

How do I know this?  hehe I'm a good eavesdropper.  Now, to set things straight and to be honest, I'm the type of person who will deliberately talks bad about someone really loud when they're near.

Usually I get two different type of reactions.  They flee like little cowards, or they turn around all 'WTF you wanna say that to my face biotch?'.  When the people turn around I usually continue talking and go YEAH.  I just did that.

However, in the case a few days ago where I heard the person talking about me, I genuinely think they didn't know I was listening, because they were in a room, and I just happened to be outside when I heard my name.  Nothing bad was said, they just went on about how weird I was.

The only thing that got to me was when the person said, "You know, I actually think she could be pretty popular and cool if she just dressed differently and hung out with the right people.  I mean, she wouldn't be a dominant person but she'd definitely have potential.  In the popular group there's always the sexy one, and the smart and sporty one, and the artsy one.  Like I said, you know, she could probably be the artsy one.  All she has to do is clean herself up and hook up with the right group."

DUDE.  Who talks about people like they're stock exchange?  I mean, I talk about how people's futures are gonna turn out if they don't help themselves, but I felt like a--- I don't know.  I felt like a piece of stock in the Wall Street Journal. (ex.  all they need to do is fix their marketing program and fire a few people)

I'm sorry, but being weird is what I do.


  1. Terribly annoying. Whats so great about being popular anyway? You end up preggers or into drugs, or my fav, the sex pot SKANK!


  2. jeez. wtf.
    In four years you're not even going to be around the same people, so why does it matter?
    popularity is overrated.
    And wtf does she mean by cleaning yourself up? hobos need to clean themselves up, not you. lol

  3. not enough people know that existence isn't a parade or a fashion show that you decorate yourself for. you fix faulty cars, not and individual.