Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cleaning, and Updating.

Oh wow,  today I have a big task ahead of me!

Yesterday I started thinking about all my accounts, and how I need to update the about me sections.  Today I looked at them and noticed each one was different, and if one were to read them you would think that each description belonged to a different person, due to the fact that they were written at different points in my life.

So today I'm going to rewrite them-- or to be more specific I'm going to write ONE and use them for all of my accounts.

About me:  I'm a girl, first and foremost and no, I do not need a relationship to make myself happy.  I'm quite content with being JUST friends.  I'm an artist of many mediums ranging from writing, sculpting, painting, and doll making.  

Being an AP student apparently means that I have great potential-- whether or not I take advantage of it is up to me.  

My political views mean nothing in the real world so why should I state them now?  It's just another reason for people to call others douche bags because of their beliefs.

I won't tell you my favorite music or bands, because most likely someone will disagree with me which will lead to me calling you a douche bag, and if you tell me the music you like then I will probably disagree with you, which again will lead to some major douchebaggery, so let's just save ourselves some time and talk about glowball warning instead.

PS-- yes, I judge books by thier cover, and I judge people on how they speak.

I was quite proud of myself for writing such a piece that makes very little sense, and also happy that I'm actually updating the old versions of myself.  I know the people who read it are all going to be like, WTF? but oh well, it's my profile not theirs and if they want to rant on their profile about how much they hate libiralist-- good for them, I probably won't talk to them anyways.  If they want to say how much they love eating pie, and listening to death metal, all the power to them.  

Also, did I mention how one of my accounts I haven't updated in 2 years?  YEAH.  It still says "I love Jessi McCartney" all over the page. Also to everone out there in the gulf area-- Stay safe and try not to die!!

Photo Courtesy of unosukekawazu


  1. I like your "About Me" :)
    Oh, I'm just wondering, do you have to evacuate since you live in Texas and there's the hurricane over there? Hope you're ok!

  2. haha. i think i have an old account somewhere with j. c. from nsync still plastered all over it--wow. you be safe! i live in a coastal area, but i think texas has more to worry about this time!

  3. I love your about me very funny-haha douchebaggery. Yes and again, I hope you're safe!

  4. nah, i live pretty inland, but the new is telling me that my town is going to get 90mph winds.