Friday, September 26, 2008

Give me a reason.

Ok, so I discussed with my parents about the whole Pre- Drill thing, and they said they'd be more than happy to buy the crap.  Hooray for me--- not really.

Moving on though, something very odd happened.  One of my good friend's ex was being nice to me....?

I know it's very menial and stupid, but still, It's weird.  Even after I called him a douche bag and told him his band sucked.  Ok, get this- he tried to hug me..... twice.  It's weird because I'm caught in between my friend, who hates his guts, and my own self judgment that's telling me that he could be a cool person to hang around.

Being loyal to my friend is a top priority, and it's not like I'd EVER like the guy, so would it be wrong to converse with him?  Personally, I think my friend blew things out of proportion like most girls do, but still.

I feel torn between crossing the lines that shouldn't be crossed, and being a good friend.


  1. okay... soo everything I'm about to say comes PURELY from experience...

    decide for yourself if hanging with this guy is worth the tension it MIGHT bring between you and your friend.. if not, just let him know in the nicest way possible that you have to remain loyal to your friend.. if you really think she blew things far outta proportion, then try and find a way to let her know...

    I'm friends with a couple of my friend's ex-es.. but it takes some really delicate balancing...

    It's really best to just stay out of whatever situation that they have going on... let it remain between them and don't let them force you to take sides on an issue that has nothing to do with you...

  2. Thats sucks so bad. It can really mess up your friendship!

    Because if you did it to someone EXTREMLY important, you might lose their trust. No matter what she ever might have done to you, you shouldn't hang with him.

    But its your judgment. You can't help how you feel-feelings are WAY to strong!!!

  3. That's a toughie. Think about your friend's personality, I guess, like if she would get all pissed if you hung out with her ex, or if she'd be fine with it. If it's the latter, I guess you should go ahead, but if it's the former...I don't know? I guess just trust your instinct? But it might cause some awkwardness...

  4. I'd stick to your buddy. When she cools off and finally gets over the whole situation, then I'd start talking.

  5. bros [or sisters] before hos [or nice guys] comes to mind. but use you best judgment. make sure it feels good to you; that's all anyone can expect. good luck! it's your life.