Sunday, September 14, 2008

Folie a Deux

Haha the album cover looks like something I would draw!  
As sad as this may sound I still have a little faith left in them, even if their last album was a little over-produced.  I mean, I'm all for bands exploring other genres and such, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  (it did for P!ATD)

I mean, Fall Out Boy to me was the reason why my therapy sessions were so calm, they made me feel like I -as an all around messed up kid- could actually be normal.  I could relate to thier songs which were raw to the touch.  However with thier latest CD it just felt to distant.  I mean a couple of their songs were good, but other than that all the punk from their last album has just dissapated.

Who knows, maybe they'll turn things around with this record.  It's due November 4th, about a month and some odd days before my birthday.   Early b-day present anyone??


  1. check out sam pink's blog at . it's good.

  2. gahhh I really hope it's good too! I neeeeeed more old school FOB...

    I just looked some stuff up about the album and you can download this thing with a bunch of snippets/demos of the songs here:

    hope it's useful to you :D

  3. Old school FOB = love, but I'm obsessed with Infinity on High too... Still, I can't wait until the new album. The cover art's cute, I never saw it before.