Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Polygamy-- is not only for mormons

So yesterday I worked at the homecoming carnival painting faces, which was awesome-- but there were so many people working at the tables I didn't think they'd miss me if I disappeared half the night.

Sadly there weren't any rides at the carnival, there were however many tables and such, and one happened to be a Marriage booth.

Haha, in my first marriage I was married to maybe six people?? (maybe more?) Except I had to annul the marriage because I didn't really love the group like that.

My second marriage was to my wonderful friends Asstin and Jonny. It was a lovely marriage until I divorced them this morning because I'm not the type to like commitment. It was fun however having four husbands (at least I think it was 4).

I wouldn't mind being a polygamist, but the only downside is keeping track of all your husbands..... also I think it's the men who get all the wives.... that could be a problem.

Right now my back is currently throbbing like a mofo due to all the piggyback rides I freely gave, and also the heavy backpack I had to lug around during school.

As far as marriages go, I don't think I want any real ones.  They're way too stressful, so I don't know.  Also, as much as I try to claim that I'm not a jealous person-- sometimes jealousy does get the best of me on the inside, but outside wise people are really oblivious.  So all in all I don't think I'd be a very good significant other.


  1. i wish we had a homecomming carnival! that would have been fun! and the marriage booth sounds like it was loads of fun! =]

  2. haha. you'd neither be a good polygamist nor a significant other. i love the honesty. i make a sucky significant other myself for reasons less noble than your own..

  3. question:
    polygamist vs polyamourous???

    i'm certain that i could google the difference, i just wanna know how u feel about it?

    marriage booth sounds great! carnival sounds better!!

  4. Polyamour-- sounds great. It doesn't call for a "marriage" however, sometimes I think it's the equivilant of an open relationship.