Monday, September 29, 2008

Teacher's Pet Much?

Ok, so I'm tired of being the 'good person'.

The person that looks the other way when inappropriate or unfair things happen.

Ever since the start of the year my Teacher's Assistant (let's call him Pied Piper) has been flirting with a fellow freshman in my class (who we'll refer to as Kitty Pride).

At first it was just the the occasional flirty banter back and forth, but is has now progressed to physical stuff.

Now, this probably wouldn't bother me if, ONE he wasn't our Teacher Assistant, and TWO the person who has partial control over our grades.  

The class that I'm in requires a lot of focus and dedication, both of which I have put into the class, but Kitty comes along and gets by with nothing.

She doesn't do ANY work, and basically gets out of stuff by whining and acting cute.  It's not fair that she's still in the class because in my opinion she doesn't deserve the A she's making in there right now.  While doing work I get criticized for one little mistake, whereas when she just sits there and does nothing she actually gets rewarded in a sense.

All I want is some egality.  And a little bit of revenge.  I know it's probably horrible to say, but I hope the teacher finds out and reprimands them-- however, I won't be the snitch that turns them in.

Why do I hope they get in trouble?  Well when they're flirting, it takes away from Pied Piper's time to help the class, and my time to learn.  Not to mention it's just plain weird and gross because he's 18 and a senior, and she's 14 and a freshman.  

Four years is a big difference, and under any other circumstances it would be ok, but let's think again-- Pied Piper has basic control over what grade we make, which means even though I do my work and put effort in, Kitty who just sits there and whines about not knowing what to do can get a higher grade then me.

Is that fair?  I think not.

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  1. dude. i'd put food poisoning in his lunch.

  2. is it very obvious, blatant flirting? if so, then the TA is really tacky. that stuff is highly inappropriate and i'm sure that you're not the only one to notice. you should try tipping off some authoritative administrator if you're sure about the unfairness. get a few witnesses and signatures; it's grades we're discussing here!

  3. Maybe you can be an extremely discreet snitch. Not blatantly telling the teacher about the flirtatiousness, but perhaps...hint at it? Remember when you did that at lunch with Carol*? You made her think it was HER idea that me and L were dating (which is blasphemous, but whatever).

  4. NO, that's NOT fair. Is the teacher, like, right there while this is happening? I never really had a TA-type person, so IDK. It just strikes me as a bit creepy as well... Maybe just like bring attention to it when the teacher is there or something? :/

  5. See? I didn't delete my blog. lol

  6. Also! I think you should talk about this to someone siting around you. 'Cause then ya'll can gang up on the assistant dude, and possibly rat that chick out.

  7. Ew...


    I don't even know what to tell you! COME ON CRANIUM!

    I'll comment again if I think of anything.