Thursday, September 4, 2008

Part of The Story.

Well, I know I mentioned the RP before, and like two days ago it started to pick up. Thought it'd be cool to give you guys a taste of what we do :] Also, Fizz is my character, and Franco is the person I'm Rp-ing with.

---A quiet day with the books.---


The air hung thick inside the ancient library as various people young and old passed through the shelves. 

Fizz smiled, as she directed a group of students to the government section of the building. They might have been passive to their surroundings, but she wasn't. Seeing the ancient books, leather bound with unspoken wisdom made her glad that she had signed up for this job, even if it paid little. 

"Here are the government issues dating from fifty years back, and if you need anything else...." It was obvious that the students weren't paying attention, and could care less so Fizz quietly detached herself from the group and headed towards the second floor. 

Nimbly, she made her way through cramped shelves, and books which were haphazardly piled here and there and picked a cozy spot beside a window onlooking the city street. 
Right now, all was quiet except for the quit shuffling of feet and the quiet noise from the street below. Nothing could be more perfect.


Sadly, that peaceful silence was about to be broken. 

"Excuse me," A soft voice nearly whispered from over Fizz's shoulder. 

A man an entire foot taller than Fizz stood only a few feet away, and closed the area between them by taking a few small steps forward. He was wearing a button-down shirt, blue tie, and matching blue suit. He had messy brown hair and couldn't have been more than twenty years old. The man pointed at the area near Fizz's feet and smiled. 

"Sorry, but I think I dropped my keys over here." Franco said softly again, making it quite obvious that he respected the silence of a library. 

That would be the absolute worst thing to happen- if he had truly lost his keys- he would be entirely unable to enter his own home in any way; the doorknob would actually try to bite his hand off without being unlocked first.


Fizz raised her eyebrows at the newly met stranger and carefully stood up and moved, trying to keep the books from falling from their tall stacks. Of course, seeing as she put extra effort into NOT knocking down the books on her left, she caused a particularly large stack on right to topple over resulting in many loud 'THUMP' noises as they hit the ground. 

"Ah, sorry about that!" Fizz whispered as she quickly tried to gather the various volumes of books on the floor. "I think I just made your keys even harder to find...." 

Smiling sheepishly, she set the books down on a nearby crowded table and stuck out her hand. 

"I'm Fizz, by the way." she spoke with a wide grin spread across her face.


"Don't be sorry, really, it's my fault," Franco said as he stooped down and tried to help the rather startled girl collect all of the books that had fallen during their initial encounter. She seemed much faster than him, and the added fact that she appeared well aware that it was her own job to clean up the mess implied that she was most likely employed by the library itself. 

The girl had apologized again about knocking the stack of books down and then commented on the fact that his keys were most likely stuck beneath a mound of dusty old books that he hadn't quite noted the subject of; as of quite yet. She was quite shorter than Franco, but still appeared to have an almost childish, or innocent air about her that made her age simply impossible to place correctly. 

When the subject of introduction came up, Franco was taken by surprise. The woman's hand had jutted out in his face and she abruptly gave her name to him. Extremely polite for such a short initial encounter. None the less, Franco stretched out his hand and shook Fizz's hand with mild enthusiasm. 

"The name's Franco." He said shortly, a curt smile on his face. "Nice to meet you. Sorry about the scare, didn't mean to startle you."


Fizz laughed, "No, it's no problem at all! I work here by the way--" she paused as if she lost her train of thought, but then regained her composure. 

"Those are some pretty rings you have!" she observed, noting their shine when the light hit them. Subconsciously she tugged at her shirt. 

"Oh. Wait! Your keys! We should probably find them, right?" she gave another sheepish laugh and tried to rummage through the many large books on the floor. Fizz noticed though, that the books that were in this section were mainly magic, and spell casting books. 'So he knows magic....' she thought to herself.


"I thought they would only hire angry old women who'd bite your head off for even thinking about whispering in a library." Franco tried to joke, which usually came much more difficult to him. 

He looked down at his rings as well as soon as they were brought up by Fizz. "Oh, these? Hand-me-downs that I'm a little sensitive toward." He lied, "Sometimes they're a little more trouble than they're worth. Always snagging on stuff, and such." 

Through one of the gaps in the pile of books, Franco saw a glint of light and reached in, only to pull a ring of keys out a few seconds later. The keys were like no normal set of car keys in the real world. Each one was at least five inches in length, varying between brass and several other different metals and every single one could have been well over two hundred years old. When he was done making sure that every key was there, Leslie dropped the keys into his pocket and smiled nervously. 

"Got 'em. Thanks."


"I thought they would only hire angry old women who'd bite your head off for even thinking about whispering in a library." Fizz heard Franco say. 

"Haha, no actually I'm quite close to the supervisor.... consider me the only Librarian under the age of 40." she joked back. 

Fizz was trying to balance a newly made stack when she saw Franco pull an odd ring of keys from the pile of books. Then again, you never know with people. 

"Got 'em. Thanks." she heard Franco say. 

Fizz turned and smiled, "Oh, good! Well, then..." she paused for a moment, "er, If you need anything else I'd be more than happy to help you! Well, actually not now though, because I think my shift just ended... so yeah!" Fizz rambled. Under her cloaking spell she felt her wings twitch uncomfortably. If she didn't get to Rileist soon she was going to have to deal with a pretty awkward situation.


And that was just part of the scene so far.... yes, I know I could have done better, but my skills are still sort of rusty.  If you'd like to take a look at the board, or wanna know more about the story, check out this link!

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