Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes. I feel so accomplished right now. Why? Well maybe for one, I beat this senior named Spencer who I previously lost to in a debate round, and two (how fitting!) I got second place at the tournament!

Woot! I went 3:0 no losses! The only downside is the fact that my speaker points were pretty low..... but that's only because I have the horrible habit of saying um too much.

Jack surprisingly was fairly tolerable, and surprisingly a better driver than Jacob. Jack took Miranda and I to Sonic btw....

Anyways, I'm totally excited. After my dry not-placing streak, I've finally done something great! Eeep, I hope Jacob is proud. Oh, and I hope he passed his SAT's.

Bleh, anyways, I'm off to go and find some information on why the U.S. ought, or ought not submit to the jurisdiction of an international criminal court designed to prosecute crimes against humanity. Oh my, debate really is the thief of Saturdays.


  1. Awesome! Sounds cool! And well done =) And yeah, I hate it when weekends disappear into a midst of hobbies and doing nothing =(


  2. sonic is pure joy! i love their chocolate banana milkshakes! =]