Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not sleeping

It's been hard for me to get to sleep lately, and usually I just work-out and do some stretching and yoga to tire myself out but it hasn't been working lately.

I wake up tired and zombie like, and come to school either super hyped up due to green tea and sugar packets, or washed up and cranky.

Either way, it's not working out. I need to find a way to change my sleep patterns so I don't totally die of exhaustion during school.

Anyways, today was just one of those filler days, where nothing out of the norm happened. I helped my Dad clean out under the carport, which was a pain in the pancreas, and babysitted my baby brother during random parts of the day.

Nothing too exciting. For the sake of randomness, here's a picture of Prince Albert Victor, who was under suspicion of being Jack the Ripper, and also questioned as being gay.


  1. my sleep pattern has been getting better lately. I used to stay up talking to this one person every night for just "ten more minutes," but after vacation we decided we really needed sleep and started going to bed early. it is SO nice for me to get just 8 hours -- I feel so much more awake!

  2. when you find out how to manage that whole elusive "sleep" thing, let me know!