Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trying not to try

Today was a bit of a fail for James and I because apparently we had a sucky round....

Mainly my fault though.  Jacob expressed his extreme disappointment in both of us after the round.  I feel like a failure. I don't want to let Jacob down.....

But anyways, moving on, I drew this picture of a baby that I named Napoleon, and I think he's the cutest baby on earth.

Hopefully I'll be able to put a picture up soon.

*EDIT: does anyone else notice the nifty Obama inauguration countdown? :] Yay, let's hope our last chance of saving our country doesn't screw up!


  1. yay! I'm so excited for the inauguration; my boyfriend is actually GOING to it! (SO lucky.)

  2. Aww... well, better luck next time, eh?

    And YES I did! :D My sister's going to it with her school because her school system has everyone out that day x3