Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fast Food.

UGH. I feel queasy right now.  On the verge of puking.  Now, I know on Facebook, and occasionally Twitter I joke about puking, but right now I'm not.

Ick all day I've been busy helping my parents (mainly paying them the $400 I owe them --- I've paid back $282 so far) so busy in fact we've only had time to eat fast food.  Gross.  Today I decided instead of getting my healthier choice of grilled chicken to try a cheeseburger and let me say, it was not a good idea.

It's been like what, at least a year and a half since I had a fast food burger from Mc Donalds?  Let me say, not a good idea.  It obviously did not rest well with me.

Just thinking of the greasy over processed morsel makes me sick.  If it were up to me I'd eat fresh fruits and veggies everyday, but since my parents only have time to go grocery shopping once in a Blue moon we have to buy long lasting food.

If I ever get my own car, I'm finding a fresh farm market.  Fresh food goes fast in my house and I'd rather eat some carrots or cucumbers when I get the munchies.

Speaking of munchies, I've sworn off potato chips.  Another step towards feeling healthier! In fact, I'm going to cut down overall chips.

Also, since I still need a starch, and some protein, I'm looking into eating rice on a regular basis again.  My parents are looking for a sushi kit, and once they get one, they'll need a rice cooker so I probably might start eating more fish also even though I'm not too fond of it.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on eating healthier?  I haven't had a coke since early December, and I'm hoping to go without in January.  I feel great just drinking juice, tea, and water, but I'm probably going to start cutting down on the high sugar juice also this year.  Last year I thought I was going to die only having one coke a month, but I lived.  Now to ween myself off of other unhealthy things!

Image courtesy of tetsuoshima


  1. sorry I can't be of much help; my mom cooks pretty healthily but I don't give much input to the food she makes. but good for you! I hate the greasiness of fast food as well...

  2. Oh god... why did you go there of all places!? Bleh, just hearing it made me sick, yuck...

    But, um, I've never prepared sushi on my own before (I get meh asain friends to share), so I have no idea what help I could give.

    But all I eat is starches, veggeh/fruits, and fish x3 Are you planning on livin' like that, on a tad less extreme? I don't know, not used to giving advice ^-^;; And what kind of tea do you drink? All I drink is water, so I'm looking for something else to drink >_>;; But I'm afraid of tasting anything and then not liking it, but having the taste in my mouth forever LOL I'm sorry, this odd comment has gone on long enough.

    Good day mam :3

  3. Haha I drink sweet tea, green tea, any type of tea really!