Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear slacker in my math class:

You really make me angry. You do nothing in class, all you do is sleep and talk about smoking pot. A few years back I thought you were cool, but now that I've seen you truly, I now realize that you are just a hopeless loser bound to live an empty life without any true purpose.

It makes me sad to see you waste your life away doing stupid things, and committing acts of ignorance, but it's your life. I do however, think you're a liar. You claim to be smart, to be of a higher intelligence, yet you can't speak cleverly, and your common sense lacks. You say you have the ability to do anything, yet you spend your days dreaming about scantily clad women, and how you wish you could obtain them.

A very smart person once said to me, "If someone was a true genius, then they would only have one goal in life."

Yet you have no goals, no aspirations, no dreams. You think you can make others do your work, mouth off and be disrespectful. You think you can do anything. In a sick way, I want you to fall from this high pedestal of lethargy that you've pulled yourself up on. I want to see you fall flat on your face so you can see how stupid you really are.

Oh if only. Knowing you however, you'll die young-- the disease of society, but a hero among fellow nobodies and bottom feeders.

I'm horrible for thinking this.


  1. You're not horrible! Seems like this guy deserves that = / Sounds like he sucks, xP

  2. Not horrible, great letter writer though, I really wish I could write as eloquent as you.