Sunday, January 11, 2009

Religion and Evolution

There has always been a fine line between Religious belief and scientific proof, and everyone is either in between or totally on one side.

Those that adamantly choose a side and preach their version of the truth are often ridiculed and called hard headed and ignorant, but there are many like myself that like to stay wrapped in the middle.

When it comes to Evolution, there has always been much argument on whether or not to teach it in schools. My school has text books which show the theories and teachings of Darwin.

Now being raised Baptist, in a part of the US known as the "Bible Belt" I spent 11 years of my life thinking that the world, and evolution was corrupt, and that the world was created in 6 twenty-four hour periods. Looking back I feel quite foolish.

Just to get this out there, I do not believe humans have originated from apes, I believe that we have our own species. It's kinda like how whales look like giant fishes, but in truth they're mammals. Humans may look similar to apes, but we are not apes.

Moving on, I have to criticize both the scientific and religious world for spreading ignorance. What is this ignorance? It is the lack of being objective on their views, and their unwilling attitude towards the other's belief.

There are many points of proof on both ends that each other's story is credible, such as the fact that the occurrences mentioned in the bible pertaining to the order in which God created the world are parallel to fossil records.

Also, for evolution's sake, it is real.  Evolution is a fact not a theory, because we see it in everyday life.  Humans have become smarter, stronger, and more immune.  We're living longer and finding new ways to enhance ourselves, just as mosquitoes are becoming immune to the pesticides that we make, and just like animals grow and adapt to the changing environments.

Another thing to throw out there for hard core religious folks, the original Hebrew translation of day was 'a period of time' not 'twenty-four hours'.  One must also remember that to the classical idea of God, a day to him could be 15 million years.

I'm just so sick and tired of people overlooking the obvious just so they can argue that they are right.  It gets really annoying after a while.


  1. I'm so jealous of your ability to actually have insight on all of this stuff and be able to write well about it :P

  2. Gosh, you're so well spoken about such things! Yay, someone else doesn't think we evolved from apes!

    You're a good writer :3

  3. tee hee thanks. Not as decent of a writer as I'd wish to be, but I'm working on it!

  4. I feel so ignorant when it comes to this debate for the simple reason that I've stopped caring. I guess I should go back and hear out the other side and everything, but I feel I just hear about this topic too much to have the desire to do that.
    I keep coming back to your blog because of the song, I'm not stalking I swear.