Thursday, January 15, 2009

Um --- I hate you.

Today was an off day.  I woke up feeling less than great, and went to school feeling even worse.  In Debate it just plain sucked because we had to do rebuttal re-dos, which is basically all of us remaking arguments.  Also, Jacob was trying to break me of my habit of saying um every 5 words during a debate round, so everytime I said um he made me start over.  It was not an easy morning.

Then after Debate I had two tests, and a lot of class discussion crap.  Then during lunch and part of the end of the day Asstin kept on saying weird things that confused me, and we got into an argument.... again.  However, it wasn't like a yelling argument, just a strong exchange of words with normal voices.

I'll elaborate later if I feel like it, but right now I need to unwind and get happy.