Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Common Hypocrisy of Brands Among Teens

I feel that I should post something ahead of this, as a disclaimer telling you that this is not meant to be offensive, because really it is, but again, I feel like my voice is more important than your feelings.  Now, this is not meant as a personal attack, it is but a mere opinionated (duh) observation.

Young America, dear young America: Where are we going? Why are we so ignorant?  Why do we buy into this fake world in which we feel like we must impress our peers with material objects?

Of course in nature, animals attract each other through flashing their genitals, and beating around, but we are not animals.  We are beings of higher thinking..... or at least that is what I wish to think.

I was recently appalled when I found out my sister was a "brand name" girl, however it's not like I didn't see it coming anyways.  She was turning into the girls that I made fun of at school for wearing Hollister, AE, Abercrombie, and Areopostal.  By the way, quite a few of these girls I ridicule are friends of mine.

So I was on my way coming to terms with the fact that she was going to be "one of them" and I, being the silly non conformist that I am shun her clothing when one day we were shopping for coats.

She probably would have been fine with a $100 jacket from Hollister, but instead my parents were insistent that we find a place that actually specializes in selling coats.  While looking around for coats she saw a nice tan coat that I instantly noticed was Kenneth Cole.  Now usually, nice coats for that brand run wayy over $100, but it was luckily on sale and I urged her to buy it, insisting that she was ignorant to pass up such a buy.  Hesitantly she agreed.

Later I learned that she had not even know what the brand name was.  I was shocked. Someone like her, a "brand girl" didn't know who this former shoe designer turned clothes and accessory designer was.

Young America, if your going to spend an enormous amount on a shopping trip, don't spend it on trivial brand names that sell you the same shirt, but in a different color, with their names broad casted over your chests like free advertisement.  Don't spend it on jeans that look exactly the same, just with a different tag stapled on the back.

Spend it on something worthwhile. Versace, Vera Wang, Gucci, Armani, the list goes on.  Why waste your money on clothes that make you pay so they can advertise on your body? At least when people where shirts about bands their actually supporting something, instead of a genius, but unoriginal company.


  1. agreed. way too much overpriced, low quality SHIT is sold out of dark stores reeking of crappy cologne.

  2. Heartily agreed.

  3. Third-ed (if that's possible), there's just so much expensive rubbish now that it's hard to get decent clothing ANYWHERE! I just try and go for things that are comfortable and cheap =D


  4. Hello Big Sis,
    I would just like to remind you that I read your blogs.and I DON'T like Hollister or Abercrombie or Aero. I just like girly things. Like you said those people are just like walking billboards. And By the way, have you seen me wear anything areo or hollister or american eagle?

  5. I know you read them, but I also worry about you turning into someone that's brand oriented due to peer pressure. It's not easy being non conformed to everyone else :]