Friday, January 16, 2009

Maybe Guilt ---

So I'm not quite sure if I feel guilty or not.... but let me elaborate first.

Asstin, a friend that I've known since 7th grade has been pestering me, asking me weird questions and such during our normal almost daily conversations.

Usually I enjoy when we talk because I find that sometimes he says some really deep things involving personal development and the concept of originality. He's a smart guy, and I'd like to go so far as to call him a genius, but as we all know geniuses are in general pretty messed up in one aspect or another.

He told me once that people with genius level I.Q.'s only have one major goal in life --- then he told me his was to have a family and kids, and I sort of panicked inside my mind wondering why he was sharing this with me.

Then I started on my Anderson Cooper and Bill Maher obsession, making a criteria for my perfect guy and what not and he bashed them and called me creepy, which I guess is normal when a teenage girl says she has a crush on middle aged men in the news and entertainment industry.

Then one day he comes up to me and says, "Would you love me if I was successful and rich?"

The question caught me off guard and I ended up blurting out something along the lines of no, because he was too obsessed with World of Warcraft, and I didn't care about money, it just so happens that most people who are successful have money. Then he just was like, "Why can't you make all the money and I stay at home?"

And lately we've been having little arguments and such, and discussing relationships, and those discussions usually end on a bitter note. Then today, he comes up to me all shaky and depressed telling me that he deleted his level 70 on WoW... Now, I know how major it is to be that level, and I can't help but feel like I had something to do with him deleting his characters....

I'm confused, and I think he likes me, but I don't really like him like that. Our interests are too different, and he wants the exact opposite of what I want out of life. Plus not to mention he's not my type.

However, I don't see how he could like me because of the fact that we are so different. Another thing is that I'm not really into relationships right now. Really, to be quite honest I plan on being single with maybe a few romantic interests every now and then.

It's a good thing that I get a three day weekend.... hopefully all of this crap will blow over.


  1. woah. O.O
    That really is a lot to handle...but your assumption makes sense. He may actually like you... a bunch.
    I'm sorry Lizzi :( This week wasn't too good for you, was it?

  2. no it hasn't. I've had horrible Ian luck lately.

  3. I like the song. Usually loud blogs freak me out.

  4. yeah, he does seem to be dropping quite a lot of hints, and the WoW thing... wow... (no pun intended)... hope it all works out.

  5. Yeah, does sound like he likes you. I can relate to a very good friend having a crush on you when all you really want is to continue having those deep conversations and keep their friendship. Well, now I'm getting way too far into my own personal experiences, your blog tends to do that to me.

  6. you THINK he likes you?! seems like he truly admires you in some way that is manifesting as romantic interest. awww! you don't have to feel the same way. isn't it great? ugh, but now there are his involved feelings that you must try not to injure :(

  7. O_O WHAT?! HE DELETED HIS LEVEL 70?! Yeah, he likes you. Big time. I guess he deleted it because he thought you'd like him if he was less interested im WoW. Dang... You need to tell him straight up that you don't see him like that because he's the kinda guy who changes when he finds someone he likes based on their interests.

    Yeah, he has a MAJOR thing going on with you.. He deleted his level 70?! It's love, damnit, and you have to stop it before he freezes his account all together!!

    Take it from a CASUAL WoW player... this is serious.