Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Try not to shake.

I'm scared for tomorrow because I'm going to debate either James or Jacob in class.

However, I do feel as if I have a decent reason of being scared of them, I mean they have so much more knowledge than me, and they're both experienced in this field.

Hmmmm, tonight I was planning on revising both my cases, but instead I'm going to spend the night relaxing, and putting myself in an optimistic mind frame. Overcoming fear isn't that hard, but it also isn't too easy. 

Ugh, not to mention my weekends are going to be pretty busy.  I need another Christmas Break.


  1. fear is such an un-fun emotion. especially the intense kind that makes your body do all kinds of weird stuff. enjoy relaxing. you'll do fine!

  2. Aww, man >< Just remember! You have potential to be better than either of them! So use that potential and make sure not to be caught unarmed! You're a great debater, so I know you'll come out fine ^^ I mean, I hope I know lol.